Middle Ages and Renaissance Art Analysis

images list:

  1. Birth of Venus, Botticelli
  2. The Last Judgment, Lorenzo Maitani
  3. Florence Cathedral
  4. Adam and Eve Reproached by the Lord, from the Doors of Bishop Bernward
  5. An Old Man and His Grandson, Domenico Ghirlandaio
  6. Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de
  7. Joseph and the Potiphar's Wife, Properzia de Rossi
  8. Cathederal at Chartres, France
  9. The Kiss of Judas, Choir Screen, Naumburg
  10. Judith, Botticelli
  11. Procession of the Magi in the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi--(Procession of the Magus Gaspar), Benozzo Gozzoli
  12. View of the North Clerestroy Wall of the Nave of Chartres Cathedral
  13. Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci
  14. St. Chapelle, Paris
  15. Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets, Giovanni Cimabue
  16. Madonna with the Goldfinch, Raphael
  17. Madonna in a Rose Garden, Stephen Lochner
  18. Pieter Aertsen, The Meat Stall
  19. St Luke, Gospel Book of Otto III
  20. Gospel Book of Charlemagne
  21. The Tempietto, Donate Bramante (S. Pietro in Montorio, Rome)
  22. Pieta, Michelangelo Bounarroti
  23. Facade of Abbey Church, Corvey
  24. The Arnolfini Portrait, Jan van Eyck
  25. The School of Athens, Rapheal
  26. Madonna with Members of the Pesaro Family, Titian
  27. Peasant Wedding, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

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